Sunday, Oct 17, 2021
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'You would have failed': Keir Starmer hits fence in mock lorry driving test

Guardian, 14 Oct 2021
Keir Starmer failed a mock driving test after hitting a small fence as he reversed a lorry on a track in Oldham on Tuesday. Immediately after striking the object, an instructor sitting next to Starmer told him: 'You would have failed your test.' The Labour leader answered the instructor, 'Ok, very good,' before buckling up again to finish the course. The Road Haulage Association says the country is facing a shortage of some 100,000 drivers, a result of workers leaving the industry, the pandemic putting a stop to driver training and testing for about a year, and post-Brexit immigration rules which prevent hiring drivers from Europe.
Just 20 UK visas issued to foreign lorry drivers, government admits
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