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Londoners express well-wishes for the Queen following hospital stay

Telegraph, 23 Oct 2021
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Londoners expressed their well-wishes for the Queen following hospital stay.

Buckingham Palace has been accused of allowing rumours about the Queen’s health to “thrive”, after it emerged she spent a night in hospital undergoing “preliminary” tests.

The palace, which released a statement on Wednesday saying the Queen had “reluctantly accepted” medical advice to “rest”, was later forced to confirm Her Majesty had been in hospital for nearly 24 hours, after it was leaked to a tabloid newspaper.

On Friday, the Queen was said to be back at Windsor Castle and on “light duties”, dealing with her “red box” as usual and thought to be awaiting the results of tests.

She was last seen in public on Tuesday night, where she appeared in full health as she hosted a reception for business leaders.

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