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Jason Kenney blasts David Suzuki over "pipelines will be blown up" comments

CA, 24 Nov 2021
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on Tuesday blasted noted Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki over comments that "pipelines will be blown up" if environmental inaction continues. Kenney said Suzuki is "inciting people to political violence."

Asked if the criticism detracts from the discussion of combatting climate change, Kenney said Suzuki should be the one held accountable. He said the environmentalist has "raised into this discussion terrorism, [and] political violence; that's not how we solve problems in Canada."

The Alberta premier also addressed those who may comment that he is trying to "change the channel" on the topic of climate change and his own government's handling of it, saying he has a "long track record" for standing up for energy development. He added it was "sad" to see people defend Suzuki over such comments.

On Tuesday, the Alberta government moved to formally condemn Suzuki's recent statement with a motion that would denounce "any comments made calling for the intentional destruction of energy infrastructure," as well as "incitements of violent eco-terrorism."

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