Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021
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BC floods: Horses airlifted to safety in first-of-its-kind rescue operation

CA, 24 Nov 2021
A remarkable rescue has emerged from last week’s floods in B.C. involving horses and helicopters.

It happened near Spences Bridge. When waters rose, Kim Cardinal’s home located along Highway 8 was obliterated by flood water and road access was cut off.

“Our whole driveway, our whole property just went ‘oof’ — it was gone,” Cardinal said. “And that was in a matter of seven minutes.”

Cardinal and her husband Lorne managed to drag some of their animals and their truck onto a section of what used to be highway. They were joined by a stranded off-duty police officer who was passing by.

A fire kept them warm through the night. The fire also acted as an SOS signal. By morning, a helicopter spotted them. More help was on the way.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/8394544/bc-floods-horse-rescue/

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