Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021
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Police in Kenya foil bank robbery with gunfire, standoff

CA, 24 Nov 2021
Kenyan police, firing automatic rifles and pistols, foiled a bank heist in the western city of Kisumu on Tuesday.

The standoff between police and the bank robbers lasted five hours, before officers were able to bring the situation under control, but failed to prevent the assailants' escape.

Officers were seen crawling through bank windows with their guns drawn, and a huge crowd gathered outside to watch the incident unfold.

A government official said a multi-agency team was going through CCTV footage to identify all those who entered the bank before the robbery began. He said police had a shirt in evidence that they believe might belong to a person of interest. They believe that person may be in their custody.

Approximately 20 people, including bank staff, were taken into custody and police said they were looking to identify the owner of a shirt officers had taken as evidence.

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