Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022
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Putin's security zone in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan or new Soviet Union? | To the point

DW, 14 Jan 2022
It sometimes seems as though Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to turn back the clock.
He has been insisting that the West should provide Russia with far-reaching security guarantees – or face the consequences if it doesn’t. So, what exactly does Moscow want? And how should the West respond?

Are Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan Putin's backyard?

Guests at To the point: Mikhail Bushuev (DW), Markus Kaim (SWP), Rachel Tausendfreund (German Marshall Fund)
2:20 Russia wants security guarantees from the West
04:20 Will NATO stop its eastward expansion?
08:04 Positions in the Ukraine conflict
12:28 Build-up: political not military
16:45 No US military intervention
17:52 No political solution for Ukraine in sight
19:51 Current situation in Kazakhstan

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