Thursday, Jan 20, 2022
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Huge breakthrough from BC-based company could lead to 1st commercial fusion energy plant

CA, 15 Jan 2022
A British Columbia-based company has announced a major breakthrough that it believes could lead to the world’s first commercial fusion energy plant.

General Fusion in Burnaby says it has achieved milestone targets for the prototype of its fusion demonstration plant, which can accommodate the extreme conditions of fusion, such as temperatures up to 150 million C.

“General Fusion is driving on a path where we could be putting a shovel in the ground on the first commercial plant before the end of the decade,” explained CEO Chris Mowry.

Fusion, the energy that powers the stars, is a proposed form of clean energy generation that involves heating up two substances — deuterium and tritium — until their atoms collide and fuse into helium and a neutron, which contain a substantial amount of energy.

That nuclear energy can be harnessed and used to create electricity.

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