Thursday, Jan 20, 2022
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‘Stop this Covid theatre': Former Cabinet minister Lord Frost speaks to the Planet Normal podcast

Telegraph, 13 Jan 2022
Former Cabinet Office minister David Frost resigned from his role leading Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit negotiations with the EU just days before Christmas.

In this exclusive podcast interview, he joins Liam Halligan to explain why the Government’s Covid policy drove him out of Downing Street, and why he’s urging ministers to abandon lockdowns and instead focus on “stuff that works”, citing “antiviral drugs and effective ventilation”.

Also on the podcast: Lord Frost tells listeners what it was really like sitting opposite Brussels on the Brexit negotiating table, and why he advises slow steps towards Net Zero.

Liam Halligan is the Economics and Business Editor of GB News and Presenter of 'On The Money', and co-host of The Telegraph's Planet Normal podcast.

Listen to Planet Normal every Thursday for news and views from beyond the bubble with Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan:

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