Wednesday, Sep 29, 2021
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'An investment in terror' - What role does Pakistan play in the Taliban's resurgence?

DW, 15 Sep 2021
The Pakistani government provided help and shelter to the Taliban for many years, while denying it was doing so. The militants' takeover of Afghanistan therefore represents a victory for Islamabad, but one that is fraught with risk.
Nearly a month after the Taliban took over the Afghan capital Kabul, concern is growing about the country’s economic and political future. But one country which has welcomed the Taliban’s power grab is its neighbor Pakistan. The Pakistani prime minister, Imran Khan, recently likened it to the Afghans having broken -what he called- “shackles of slavery”. Islamabad hasn’t yet formally recognized the new rulers of Kabul, but there’s a clear sense of triumph over the unceremonious American exit, as well as its main rival, India. So, how deep are Pakistan’s ties with the Afghan militants and what long term impact could it have on the country?


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