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Global National: May 13, 2022 | Pope Francis to visit residential school as part of Canada trip

CA, 14 May 2022
In our top story: The Vatican has confirmed Pope Francis will go ahead with plans to visit Canada this summer, in what will mark the fourth ever Papal visit to this country. It comes after last month’s historic apology for what the Pope called deplorable conduct of some members of the Catholic Church in the residential school system. As Heather Yourex-West reports, for survivors of the system and their children, the expectations for this visit are high.

To the war in Ukraine, where a Russian soldier has appeared on trial for war crimes for the first time since Russia’s invasion began. The serviceman appeared in a Kyiv court, accused of murdering a 62-year-old Ukrainian civilian. And as the war rages on, Ukraine’s foreign minister met with his G7 counterparts, where he called on Western nations to follow Canada’s lead in targeting Russian assets. Redmond Shannon reports.

Thousands crowded the streets of Jerusalem on Friday for the funeral for Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was shot earlier this week while covering a military raid in the occupied West Bank. Her death has been met with violence and outrage and this afternoon, as she was moved to her final resting place, was no different. Mike Drolet reports.

The Supreme Court of Canada has delivered what could be seen as a landmark ruling that would allow those accused of violent crimes to use a defence known as self-induced extreme intoxication. David Akin breaks down the ruling and what it means going forward.

Peguis First Nation residents are working to rebuild and return home after historic floods forced many to flee. As Marney Blunt reports, the full extent of the damage won’t be known for some time.

About 30,000 more Canadians died over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic than would be expected in normal years, but not all of them were due to COVID-19. As Jamie Mauracher explains, experts say an unsuspecting cause of mortality we can’t ignore is heat.

And America’s southwest is continuing to face severe drought conditions, with the region drying up for years now. It’s lead to critical water shortages in parts of the country, including California and Nevada. But as the water recedes at Lake Mead near Las Vegas, new mysteries are being revealed. Jennifer Johnson reports.

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