Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Donald Trump's TV surgeon pick Dr Oz tests MAGA base in critical race

Telegraph, 15 May 2022
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The Pennsylvania primary will be the first major test for the Trump agenda as his reality TV doctor pick, Dr Mehmet Oz, faces Republican candidate Kathy Barnette.

The 61-year-old Dr Oz is seeking Pennsylvania’s all-important Senate seat, vacated by the retiring Republican Pat Toomey. The party that wins here in November will likely control the US Senate - and with it the remainder of Joe Biden’s mandate. But the fractious race to find the Republican candidate has exposed a fissure in the GOP as it struggles to define itself for a post-Trump era.

Many see Tuesday’s primary as an indication of whether the former president remains his party’s kingmaker, able to command unswerving obedience from his followers.

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