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What has changed since George Floyd's death?

DW, 29 May 2022
Nine minutes and 29 seconds changed the world just two years ago. George Floyd, an African American man, was killed right here in Minneapolis by a white police officer who knelt on Floyds neck and back for 9 minutes and 29 seconds.

George Floyd’s name became a symbol for the fight for racial justice, and against police brutality. His killing emboldened the Black Lives Matter movement all around the world. The Washington Post reporter Robert Samuels is one of the two authors of the deeply reported book “His name is George Floyd” - one mans life and the struggle for racial justice. In our interview he gives not only insights into the struggles of Floyd, but how systemic racism is still prevalent in the US. He also shares his thoughts and feelings about how it is to grow up as a black man in the United States - and if there is hope in a country which is deeply entrenched in a cultural war with itself.


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