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Adele gets emotional as she sings Hello at BST Hyde Park

Telegraph, 02 Jul 2022
Adele delighted a home-town audience at Friday's Hyde Park concert in London, the first of a two-night engagement.

The award-winning artist returned home from the US for the British Summer Time (BTS) Hyde Park music festival performances and became emotional as she started to sing her hit "Hello." "Oh I'm so happy to be here," she told a roaring audience, her voice breaking.

She waved to fans and told the crowd she was nervous at the start, but as the sun set on the open air stage she delivered, briefly pausing the show at one point to direct assistance to someone in the crowd. A canon blasted out merchandise at one point.

Adele released her fourth studio album, titled 30, in 2021, winning the 2022 Brit Award for British Album of the Year. Hits from the latest album include Easy On Me and Oh My God.

Read The Telegraph’s review of the concert:

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